Becky with the "Good Hair" - Go NATURAL!

Hey ladies! I know the whole world has seen or heard about Beyonce's new album Lemonade and the song where she references "Becky with the good hair."  Naturally, after hearing this song, her Beehive went on a man hunt looking for the first woman with naturally straight or wavy hair. They went after every women that Beyonce's husband Jay-Z has been seen with or has been reported to have been cheating with and even managed to attack some innocent bystanders (poor Racheal Ray). That's mainly because the term "good hair" is used to reference straight hair, wavy hair or loosely curled hair textures. Every hair texture has been known to be "good hair" except kinky-curly and coily hair which is the hair texture of most black women. Using the term "good hair" to only reference certain hair textures is extremely offensive because it implies that tightly curled and coiled hair textures are considered "bad hair". However, now that women everywhere are going natural, we are dispelling the use of "good hair" to only reference straight, wavy and loosely curled hair because we are learning to maintain our natural hair and finding that our hair is "good" too.

We are the new ‘Becky’s with the good hair’...more


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