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JOSHICA BEAUTY Featured in The Etsy Journal!

It's always great to be featured on someone's blog but it's extra special when you're featured on The Etsy Blog! Have you heard of Etsy? They offer tons of beautifully handmade goods and unique creative pieces from artisans and crafters all over the world.  I've been selling on Etsy for two years and, with over 1 million shops listed on, they chose my shop, JOSHICA BEAUTY, to be featured in the Etsy Journal allowing me to share my story with millions of their followers. Click to view the Etsy Journal and read the full interview Featured Shop: Joshica Beauty 

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The Black Natural Hair Movement: Is it a just a trend or a movement?

Why the Natural Hair Movement is a considered a fad to some and an evolution toward self-love and empowerment others. There is a constant debate within the natural hair community about what their hair means; one side feels that their hair is "just hair" and going natural is a trendy and fashionable statement, the other side sees it as a political statement and a movement toward black empowerment, self-love and building self-confidence. Well, I've come to realize that natural hair can be considered both a fashion statement and a movement because  a lot of women are styling their natural hair, or trying to achieve a natural look with weaves, braids and twist out styles, yet having positive images of beautiful black women wearing their natural crowning glory is empowering because it shows...

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