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JOSHICA BEAUTY is celebrating 2 Years!

 JOSHICA BEAUTY is celebrating another year and thanks to a wonderful Etsy community and your amazing support I have seen tremendous growth.  I know two years is not a long time but I am so thankful for everyday and all of the little successes. This year ESSENCE noted "These are Etsy's Top Trending Black-Owned Beauty Shops"( Jan 2017), which listed JOSHICA BEAUTY as one of those shops.  I was also recognized by VOUGE as one of "12 Brilliant Indie Brands That Started on Etsy" (Feb 2017).  This year I have collaborated with other amazing companies that support black-owned businesses and natural beauty, which you will be hearing more about soon. I'm also working with manufacturers to expand brand awareness to worldwide retailers and create some new luxurious...

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How to be an effective "lazy" natural: tips and tricks to save you time

We're well into the new year and some naturals have already given up on there natural hair goals. I understand not every natural hair gal is 100% on point on their regimen, you have one's who are extremely busy and you have the lazy ones who do little to nothing but still achieve great results. Now, I'm not saying you should skip deep conditioning, massaging or cleansing your scalp.

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10 Harmful ingredients hiding in your skin and hair care products

Many people don't know or even care about the ingredients in their skin and hair care products and many people do not know what parabens, sulfates and phthalates are, let alone how to pronounce them. I was one of those people but during my pregnancy with my first baby I started to pay attention to the beauty products that I was applying to my skin and hair and that was when I began to learn about the dangers of some of these beauty products and the harmful chemicals that they contain: 10 harmful chemicals that may be hiding in your skin and hair care products Find out more

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