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Natural Hair Texture Shaming; Why the black natural hair hate needs to stop

Let's talk about texture shaming from women outside of the natural hair community... So a few weeks ago my husband shared an Instagram picture of me on Facebook. My hair was in a natural blow-out and this woman commented that I needed to change the picture because my hair looked dry. They then proceeded to post a picture of a natural hair blogger with a defined twist out to show me what my hair should look like.   My problem with this was, first this woman did not have natural hair and looked to have a weave or a wig making suggestion on how, my natural hair should look. I've noticed how a lot of hair hate is coming from women who don't have natural...

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What You Should Be Doing While Growing Your Natural Hair

Whether you’re a newbie to the natural hair community or a long-time member there are key rules to caring for your natural hair. If you want to retain length, promote growth and maintain the health of your tresses; here's what you should be doing. 1) EAT HEALTHY: I know it sounds so clichè, but you really have to care for your body, which includes your hair, by eating fruits and vegetables in order to give your skin and hair the proper nutrients it needs to flourish. Our hair thrives off of nutrients from fruits and vegetables like avocado, spinach, strawberries, asparagus, beets and leafy greens. Eating healthy allows the scalp to produce sebum to condition the hair which increases hair...

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How to be an effective "lazy" natural: Tips and tricks to save you time

Ways to maintain you natural hair when you don't have the time or you just don't feel like spending hours on your hair. We're well into the new year and some naturals have already given up on there natural hair goals. I understand not every natural hair gal is 100% on point on their regimen, you have one's who are extremely busy and you have the lazy ones who do little to nothing but still achieve great results. Now, I'm not saying you should skip deep conditioning, massaging or cleansing your scalp. I’m just going to give you some suggestions on how to complete your hair regimen in less time, especially, if you’re lazy, but being lazy is not always bad, even some of the lazy naturals we subscribe to on...

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